Ground Mount Solar In North Carolina

What is a Ground Mounted Energy System?

A ground-mounted energy system is just what it sounds like - a system of solar panels that are seated on the ground or the land area on your property, rather than on the roof of your house. They can be mounted anywhere ranging from the height of a few inches to a few feet off the ground. Once you’ve decided to switch to renewable sources of energy, you might start thinking about the real differences in system designs and how they will influence your future energy usage.

While rooftop energy systems are a very common scenario for homes and businesses alike, sometimes rooftop systems are not ideal. The roof of any building needs to meet multiple requirements in order to support the installation of a energy system. If a roof is too small or crowded with too many chimneys, vents, or skylights, then it may impact the system installation. Other issues such as inconvenient directional orientations, tree or building blockage might cause a system to lose some of its potential efficiency. And additional to these factors, at times before installation roofs might need fixing which adds to unexpected costs. In such instances, a ground mount system is one of the best options. 

Ground Mount Solar Panels

If we consider the benefits of solar panels in solar energy systems; there are a range of solar system designs and each design offers unique advantages. Two common structures which considered are rooftop solar panels (installed on the top of a home or building) and ground-mount solar panels (installed on the ground). The real benefit of ground mount systems comes in picture after its installation and usage!

When we talk of solar companies in North Carolina, solar rebates are comparatively a new offer for the residents of North Carolina. Nc solar panel incentives first started because of House Bill 589 in the year 2017. With the passing of this bill, clean energy advocates paved a way to incentivize individuals to choose solar system in North Carolina. The main purpose of the bill is to lower down switching costs by offering local rebates for individuals probing affordable clean energy sources. As a result of which, now residents can easily apply for the NC Solar Program to get consequential rebates on the original cost of solar panels nc.

Advantages of Ground Mount Energy Systems

  • If you own a property that has a lot of land or area, you can install a larger ground mount energy system. Typically, there isn’t as much constraint in terms of space as there would be with a rooftop mounted energy system.
  • The overall performance of a ground mount is better than a rooftop system due to the nature of the installation. For a rooftop energy system, the angle of the panels is limited and needs to be analyzed before installed, because of the slope of the roof. However, ground mount systems aren’t dependent on this and can align as per the perfect angle!
  • Ground mounting also benefits from having maximum airflow to cool down the panels or system set-up further leading to higher efficiency. When the solar panels are cooled by better airflow underneath, both efficiency and electricity production rises up.
  • The placement of a ground mount system also makes them easily accessible for maintenance or cleaning purposes when needed. If you reside in an area that gets a lot of snow in winters, sweeping the snow off of the solar panels is a major convenience.
  • And finally, a ground mount system set-up does not require any sort of penetration in the roof, resulting in zero precautions to be taken during the installation process and less complications to consider.

Top 3 Things to Know About Ground Mount Solar Systems

When home or commercial building owners think of installing a solar system on their home, rooftop solar installation is probably the first idea that comes to their mind. When you interact with solar system maintenance companies, they will assure you that installing ground mounted solar panels is just as hassle-free and cost-effective as rooftop installation. Below are the top three points that you need to consider about ground-mounted solar panels:

Ground-mounted solar panels can be your best option in many cases

Rooftop solar systems are restricted by the components of the roof on which panels are installed. If your roof isn’t located in the right angle, or doesn’t face in the south direction, or has obstructions like chimneys, then your solar arrays will be less efficient. On the other hand, ground-mounted solar arrays can be installed wherever the conditions are apt or the best.

Also, if your home or commercial building consumes a lot of electricity, your roof might not be big enough for a solar panel system that will meet your electricity requirements. In such case, ground-mounted solar panels can be matched as per your electricity needs without any space restrictions.

All ground-mounted solar systems are not equal

Standard ground mounts use metal framing installed into the ground to hold up the solar panels at a fixed angle. Few types of ground-mounted solar systems can be adjusted manually as per seasonal shifts of the sun.

Pole mounts support multiple solar arrays on a single pole and hold panels higher off the ground than a standard ground mount. Pole mounted solar systems often includes tracking systems, which automatically tilts the solar arrays to absorb maximum sunshine (tracking systems helps increase the production of solar systems by 25% or more).

Ground mount solar system comes with easy set-up options

Ground-mounted solar panel systems are easy to set-up, as they can be installed in an open land or area. They don’t require any sort of drilling in your roof, and the bracings used in ground mount systems are easy to remove.

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