Residential Solar In North Carolina

Solar energy systems are a sustainable, renewable, and bountiful source of energy gaining huge popularity nowadays, because of the benefits it comes with! These solar energy systems consist of solar panels which absorb solar energy and convert it to electric power through the Photovoltaic (PV) effect. As the overall costing of using solar energy systems in nc lowers down every year, many Americans are increasingly switching to residential solar energy systems in nc. As for now, there are over a million solar installations across the country.

Home solar companies in NC provide solar systems, which are capable of generating enough electric energy to fulfil the power requirements of a home, including - gadgets, appliances and equipment such as computers, refrigerators, mixers, fans, air conditioners, TVs, music systems and much more!

Below are the benefits of switching to home solar panels:

  • Never-ending access to Energy - Residential solar systems help you generate 12/7 energy directly from the sun. You can convert this energy into usable power as per your requirements without relying on utility companies. As a result, you are free from companies power cut and price hike issues. Now, you have your personal unlimited access to clean energy in the form of solar energy!
  • Save on Bills - Installing solar panels on your rooftop or backyard in your home will definitely cut down your electricity bill as it allows you to generate your own energy directly from the sun. Usage of residential solar energy systems in nc acts as a one-time investment plan to lessen the amount of power you purchase from utility companies, and help you save lots of money in your lifespan.
  • Secure Investment that Adds Value - Investing in residential and commercial solar energy systems is considered as a valuable upgrade in today’s era, which automatically boosts a building’s purchase value. Who would say no to a house with a pre-installed solar energy system? Buying a house with installed solar panels is like half of your utility bills stress gone!
  • Environment-friendly Green Source of Energy - Each kilowatt-hour of solar energy that is generated substantially reduces harmful carbon emissions that increase global warming as well as curbs the release of toxic pollutants such as sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter in the environment.  If you are an environment lover, this system will be on your priority for sure!

After learning about the above mentioned benefits, it becomes crucial for you to analyze the need of a solar panel in your home. As solar is not a one-size-fits-all solution; you should choose this system carefully after going through each and every aspect associated with it.

Analyze Your Home's Requirement

Before finalizing and starting the process of solar panel installation at your home, you should investigate your electricity usage; consider low-cost and easy-to-implement efficiency measures prior to saying yes to solar systems. However, the amount of power generated by a solar panel system at a particular location depends on the sun's energy and the size of the system as well!

How Many Solar Panels is Needed to Run your House?

The number of solar panels needed for your home depends on a lot of factors like - size of your roof and its access to sunlight, your energy consumption, size of your home, and direction of your home. All these will determine the number of panels required.

Residential Solar Panel Installation in North Carolina

Getting a solar panel installation in your house is an important decision and we at Von Loor and Sloof Energy want to make the entire installation process hassle-free and smooth for you. Go through the below details to learn more about our residential solar panel system services, so that you can know what to expect from us:

Residential Solar Panel Cleaning -

Our services include the solar panel cleaning and visual inspection to improve your system performance and electricity production.

Solar Panels Re-installation in Case of Wind & Hail Damage-

We will take care of any damage caused to your solar panels because of wind-driven weather events like, tornadoes, hailstorms, rain and lightning. We will evaluate the damage caused to your roof and solar panels. Once the Insurance has approved your claim, we will remove your solar panels, and our Roofing team will replace your new roof, then we will re-install your solar panel with new Penetration waterproof anchors. Our team of Solar Technicians will initialize the energy system and make sure that it is running smoothly as it was prior to the calamity.

Post Installation Services -

In addition to the installation services offered by us, we will be in contact post installation to make sure that your solar panels are functioning correctly. We are just one call away!

How to Initiate the Residential Solar Panel System Installation Process

Request a Free Quote

Once you click on the ‘Get a Free Quote’ tab, we will ask you a few general questions to check whether you and your home qualify for residential solar panels installation services. If you qualify, one of our consultants will be at your service and will pay visit to you at your home.

Schedule a Free Home Consultation

During the visit, our consultant will evaluate your house location, energy usage, and shading and roof size in person; and will click pictures of the same as part of our site audit. Based on the results and our team analysis we will create a customized proposal that will cater to your needs.

Choose Your Installation Date

After proposal customization, we will make an appointment as per your free schedule. Our team of expert technicians will visit your location and you’ll have your residential solar panels installed on your roof!

Are you ready to see how you could benefit from our residential solar panel system for your home? Request a free quote today to get started with a hassle-free solar panel installation journey! Get started with this beautiful journey of solar energy system installation at a fair price.