We are proudly a North Carolina own and operated, Von Loor & SLoof Energy provides solar energy systems, Battery backup designs and installation across our Great State.

East Coast

The East Coast comprises of few of the best states for solar power, including New York. The East Coast states have moderate sunshine and favorable laws. Supportive government policies, tax benefits and incentives for solar power help improve the return per dollar invested, and this is the case for several East Coast states, including New York. Isn’t it time you start saving money on your electricity bill? 

Solar Panels in East Coast

East Coast homeowners could potentially go solar, reduce carbon footprint and save money on their electricity bill. Request a free quote to go solar from today onwards!

Starting a Movement in East Coast

Businesses and homeowners across the East Coast states are going solar with the number of installations skyrocketing in the last few years. At VON LOOR & SLOOF ENERGY, we’re committed towards growing solar system installation and offering premium solar panels to the residents.

Go Solar in East Coast with VON LOOR & SLOOF ENERGY

We are proud to provide solar panels – ground mount, commercial, residential, and solar panel cleaning services to customers in East Coast states. To help make solar energy accessible to everybody, we offer exclusive package, extensible financing and skilled panel installation to our customers.

East Coast Solar Incentives & Benefits

Solar panels can help reduce your dependency on grid energy and further lower down your monthly energy bills. Learn more about why going solar in today’s era can be a smart investment move for you!


Raleigh – Durham

Solar Panels in Raleigh – Durham

Durham is the heart of NC solar. Solar system installations in the Durham are making the city a leader in North Carolina's clean energy sector. We provide a variety of services throughout the region with solar energy solutions. If residents of Raleigh - Durham go solar, they could potentially save thousands of dollars on electric bills and reduce carbon footprint. 

Raleigh – Durham Solar Costing

An average solar panel system installation in Raleigh ranges in cost from $10,498 to $14,202 with an average gross price at $12,350 in Raleigh. After accounting for 26% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) and other state and local solar incentives, the net price a homeowner pays for solar can decline by thousands of dollars.

Choosing VON LOOR & SLOOF ENERGY as Your Solar Installer

As one of the fast growing solar installers, our sole mission is to bring the energy of the sun to residents and businesses statewide. When you hire us, you’re not only getting expertise industry knowledge but you’ll also learn about our energy services, financing, and first-class solar system installation process.

Benefits of Installing Residential Solar Panels at Your Home

The most important aspect of solar energy is to reduce your electricity bills. Investing in a good solar installer company allows you to possibly lower your dependency on grid energy and avoid the increased costing of the utility companies. Explore the benefits of solar energy to make the most of your investment.


Charlotte Metro

Charlotte, NC is a great region to go solar. House owners in Charlotte probably use Duke Energy as their utility. The combination of Duke Energy's policy and high average electricity usage makes solar the best investment for the people of Charlotte Metro

So, North Carolina is the perfect place to balance sunlight or solar energy with the right and ample weather conditions. These ideal climatic conditions in NC help make sun’s energy a bountiful resource for energy and electricity. 

Solar panels in Charlotte Metro

The Charlotte Metro area is growing day-by-day in terms of population and development. The most crucial incentive to install solar panels in Charlotte is 22%. This means in order to increase your savings potential, the best time to go solar in Charlotte is now! Another vital incentive for going solar in Charlotte is Duke Energy's solar rebate program, which helps lower the cost of solar system installation.

Are solar panels worth it in Charlotte Metro?

Price of solar panels has drastically fallen by more than 80% in the last ten years. In the year 2021 they have subsidized by the 26% federal tax credit making it an excellent investment option for the people of Charlotte Metro. This investment for sure will offer the best return as compared to the long term average return from both the share market and property investment options.

Choosing VON LOOR & SLOOF ENERGY as Your Solar Installer

We are one of the growing solar installers and our goal is to convert the energy of the sun into power for residential as well as commercial usage. When you hire us, you’re choosing the best financing solar system installation process.


Asheville - West

100% renewable energy initiative in the city of Asheville

The city of Asheville has an objective to power all municipal operations with solar renewable energy by the end of the year 2030. As of current time, the average cost of solar panels in Asheville is $2.72 per watt, which takes a typical 6000 watt (6 kW) solar system $12,072 after claiming the available 26% federal solar tax credit. This investment costing is lower than the average price of residential solar power installation systems across the United States, which is currently $3.00 per watt.

The cost of solar installation doesn't just include the cost of equipment and installation price; it also includes the addition of permitting costs, inspection costs, and installer profit margins.

Upgrade your solar power game

The best way to upgrade one’s home comfort is to hedge against rising utility rates, and save money on monthly energy bills; and all of these while choosing a sustainable future and renewable source of energy that will last forever.

Following the clean energy regulatory process

The city of Asheville and its community have manifested local leadership in lessening and adapting to the effects of climatic change as they recognize that climate change is a serious global issue which is worsening day-by-day. Due to this severity the city of Asheville continues to work towards following clean energy and climate mitigation policy and norms at all government levels.