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Von Loor & Sloof stands as the pinnacle of excellence in delivering premier Framing Services for both residential and commercial properties. Recognizing the paramount importance of a robust and enduring framing system, we are committed to fortifying your structure against the trials of time and inclement weather.

Our seasoned team of professionals boasts unparalleled expertise in handling a diverse spectrum of framing projects, ranging from new constructions to remodels and additions. Leveraging top-of-the-line materials like pressure-treated lumber and metal framing, we ensure that your framing system exudes strength, durability, and resilience against wear and tear.

Our comprehensive framing services kick off with an in-depth consultation, where we meticulously grasp your individual needs and preferences. Subsequently, we present you with a meticulously crafted plan encompassing the scope of work, timeline, and budget, tailored precisely to meet your expectations.

From conception to execution, our team takes charge of every aspect of the framing endeavor with precision and finesse. We guarantee that your framing system not only complies with all regulatory codes but also meets stringent safety standards, assuring you peace of mind throughout the project.

Our array of framing services encompasses wall framing, roof framing, floor framing, and beyond. Moreover, we offer bespoke framing solutions meticulously tailored to your distinctive requirements and desires, ensuring that your vision is brought to life with unrivaled craftsmanship.

At Von Loor & Sloof, we are dedicated to crafting framing solutions that stand the test of time and exceed your loftiest expectations. Entrust your project to us, and witness firsthand the unparalleled quality and excellence that define our brand.


Some of Our Services

  • Wind Energy
    Using of wind energy saves you up to 40% funds and produce the same amount of energy.
  • Commercial Panels
    Multiple solar cells are interconnected to create a module, which comprises the panel.
  • Project Assistance
    Strongo provides the full project’s maintenance and assistant to all clients.
  • Construction
    We take full responsibility for project construction and engineering communications.

Power Quality

When businesses wonder if solar is right for them, some of their first questions are, “Will solar affect my power quality?” and “Will solar be able to handle my high voltage equipment?” Fortunately, the answers are easy: a solar array won’t change the power quality or voltage levels your facility receives. In fact, the only change you’ll notice from installing solar array is a lower electric bill!

So if you are tired of paying high utility bills to power your business’s high voltage machinery, get in touch with us and see what solar can do for you.

Wind resource.


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